Intelligent Systems

Virtual Blue represents a network of professional programmers who can deploy quickly to produce rapid, polished solutions.

Teams are assembled dynamically to match task requirements for maximum efficiency.

We are strategically structured to make our services as cost-effective as possible, without compromising quality.


Code Warranty

For individual projects we will continue to provide support for 6 months after you have accepted the code. This includes explaining usage, performing minor adjustments and ironing out of any bugs. Subject to contract terms. Please get in touch for more details.



When evaluating your case we'll consider your individual requirements, your specific business needs and the particular problem you are facing - so we'll always propose solutions which are uniquely tailored to your situation. Get in touch for more details.


Affordable Price

At $45 per developer hour our service price is one of the most inexpensive in the industry - yet without compromising on quality. (How do we do this?) We stick to the same rate for projects large and small. Get in touch for further details.

Web and App Specialists

  • Fresh web and mobile application development
  • Web scrapers, robots and crawlers
  • Scientific, research and analytic systems
  • rescue, repair and improvement of older web systems.
  • Get in touch for a free evaluation and cost estimate.

Free Advice

  • Much of our advice is free, with no obligation.
  • We won’t push you into services you don’t need – and we’ll tell you directly if we can think of a ways you can avoid costs.
  • Send us more details of your situation. We’ll throw in a free evaluation of your system, together with a cost estimate for the proposed work.
  • Check out some of the free advice we’ve been giving out here.


We won’t just literally do what you tell us. We’ll look at your business and suggest routes you may not have considered.
We think blindly following “best practice” is the worst practice. Instead we favour analytics and understanding.
As a programmer-run enterprise we are a practical, management-fad free zone.
Our small teams are dynamic and efficient, can start right away and produce results quickly.


All our coders are senior level with a proven track record
Proficiency with projects of all types and sizes
First hand experience of web-applications as a business
Hundreds of years of combined development expertise on tap
Up to date understanding of tech developments on the internet
We take the long term view when solving your problem


Broad Spectrum of Languages and Technologies Covered
Clear Communication, Careful Documentation and Robust Support
Maintainable, Upgradeable Adaptable Designs
Modern, Modular, Object Oriented Architecture
Expertise in Version Control, Environment Setup and Code Deployment
Efficient Development and Testing