At Virtual Blue we have a long history of providing
innovative solutions
to challenging problems
and have taken them
to reality
through the many
software systems
we have created for clients:

Credit Card Payment

Business Intelligence


Asset Risk Management

Statistical Analysis

Financial Information Extraction

Internet Search

Web Data Collection

We have a

strong commitment

to client confidentiality

I worked with Virtual Blue on a rather complex scraping project for the purpose of Business Intelligence...

They completely refactored and optimized the code so that it now runs in just about an hour (it previously took 9 hours to fully run). Not only that, but they created complete documentation to make it easy to dig into the code at a future date should I wish to have other developers add new features or functions.

Given the complexity of the project, there were things that popped up during the course of the work that needed to be discussed. They gave me several "good/better/best" options with explanations that helped me make a better and informed business decision.

I can recommend Virtual Blue without hesitation.

Dustin, Town Web Design

It was a real pleasure to work with Virtual Blue.

We choose to work with Virtual Blue because they raised many points we didn't think about, and were transparent and honest from the start.

They even did some research and experiments for free when we weren't sure about which technology to use.

They work hard, even working during the weekend to help us respect our deadline.

We couldn't have released our project without Virtual Blue. Thanks again!


In a word - "Perfect". Start to finish. Virtual Blue were able to figure out complex programming issues left behind from an old web designer 10 years ago. They worked quickly and with the expertise I was hoping to find. Virtual Blue is now on my "Go To" list for any issues that crop up with old Perl/CGI programming. Thanks - great job !

Dan, Twin Wolf Technologies

2021 Q4 Top Coders

Roman Kasianenko

Java, Python, Scrapy and databasing guru
"If we go inside callback for all code it will return all fields as NONE."
Feat: Hacking Chromedriver to make Selenium function in impossible ways

Marton Papp

Coding veteran and polyglot - from Cobol though C++ to Node.js
"I am not that much interested in small improvements which do not affect speed or structure to a great degree."
Feat: Successful impromptu solo speed test writing marathon in Raku

Vasiliy Anikin

Three.js expert and WebGL Padawan
"May the force be with you and 60fps"
Feat: Doing magical things with WebGL. Who even knows what that is?

Abhinav Thakur

Rising Raku prodigy
"Haha its a one liner with grids."
Feat: Creating a literally random website framework