Assembler's Factory Floor Time-Tracking App

recent-projects - CRO, CSS, jQuery, mobile app, MySQL, Raku, Teamwork, Template::Nest

System: Assembler's Factory Floor Time-Tracking App

Client: Whippendell Marine

Technologies: Raku, CRO, Template::Nest, jQuery, CSS, MySQL

Problem: Create an application that interfaces with the company's existing Teamwork-based project management system and enables assemblers to log time spent on jobs - with design according to client spec.

Solution: A set of "Element" modules were created in Raku which inherited from a base module responsible for making calls to the Teamwork API. Syncing of local application data was accomplished with an independent daemon looping over and caching necessary user and project information in a MySQL database. Server-side rendering created dynamic content with Template::Nest, and the front end assembled HTML chunks delivered from the backend with jQuery. The system was designed to be deployed to Android-based tablet as a PWA app.