Raku Prodigy ISDC

Raku Prodigy Innovative System Development Competition (ISDC)

Disclaimer: The Virtual Blue "Raku Prodigy ISDC" is at an early stage of inception. The details on this page do not represent terms and conditions. Competition details are liable to change without notice.

Are you a rising coding talent with a flair for innovative system development? Make a name for yourself by winning our web development competition.
The competition is open to all, with no restrictions on age, experience or citizenship [1]. Prizes are to be distributed in a cryptocurrency of your choice [2] with the following cash values [3]:

  • First prize USD $3000
  • Second prize USD $2000
  • Third prize USD $1000

The Challenge

Your competition entry will be a minimal but fully functioning web-based tool for commercial application in one of 3 areas of choice:

  • Cryptocurrency and Fintech
  • E-commerce
  • Web Automation

Your entry will be scored on:

  • Real world utility
  • Innovation
  • Architecture
  • UI/UX

The kicker: you have to write it in Raku [4]. Additional points will be awarded for use of appropriate incorporation of features unique or special to the Raku programming language. However, one of the aims of the competition is to raise awareness of Raku and encourage new hands to try it out. Thus sophisticated use of the language is not expected; grading will focus on the overall system concept and more general implementation.
Further comprehensive rules and grading information to follow.

Why Raku?

We are promoting Raku because at Virtual Blue we believe Raku is the language of the future. We feel a functional shortfall has existed in web-oriented scripting languages and we feel Raku fills this gap. [5]

Competition dates are yet to be announced, however we are excited to announce that we are now accepting subscribers to our Raku Prodigy ISDC mailing list. Register your interest by signing up.


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  1. The competition is not open to Virtual Blue employees, contractors or business affiliates
  2. Subject to reasonable transaction costs. This rule is included in the spirit of our libertarian principles - and also in recognition that raw talent might not always have a bank account.
  3. Prize structure and amounts may be further revised
  4. There will be allowances for the inclusion of other languages where necessary - e.g. javascript for the front end. More specific rules on this will be announced.
  5. More on this to follow.